June 04, 2013

Brownie Batter Bites (no bake, vegan, gluten-free)

The past couple weeks have been super busy for our family with our move, and our house (and diets!) have been in complete disarray.  But now we are almost all unpacked and feeling more "at home" at the new place.  And I am also feeling inspired with lots of new recipe ideas :)

We are also on a semi-juice cleanse this week.  I say "semi" because we are still eating raw vegan dinners and Vega smoothies for breakfast.  But other than that its green juice morning, noon and night. 

However, after mowing our new lawn in the hot sun, hubby felt like a sweet treat.  So I whipped him up these nearly-raw Brownie Batter Bites.  They are no-bake and vegan, and can be made gluten-free if you use gluten-free rolled oats.

Stay tuned for new recipes and a fabulous giveaway coming soon!

Brownie Batter Bites
Makes 12

3/4 c almond meal (finely ground almonds)
1/2 c raw brazil nuts (or cashews or macadamia nuts)
1/2 c rolled oats
1/4 c raw cocoa
1/4-1/3 c maple syrup
2 tbsp coconut oil (hardened - if liquid put in fridge to harden)
1 tsp vanilla extract
pinch of salt
3 tbsp chocolate chips

Put almond meal and brazil nuts in food processor and process for 5-7 minutes, until mixture is beyond the meal stage and is turning into nut butter.  Add oatmeal and process another 2 minutes until fine.  Add cocoa, maple syrup, coconut oil, vanilla and salt.  Puree until well combined. 

Add chocolate chips and pulse to combine.  Form into 12 tablespoon-sized balls and place in freezer to harden, about 15 minutes.  Store in freezer.

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